We guarantee the ironworks industries achievement of goals of production, quality and efficiency.

Our staff is responsible for conducting research work in the field to determine the products, equipment, machinery, spare parts, and tools necessary in the production process and among which we can include:

Cutting tools.
Engines (electrical, hydraulic).
Switches and Signaling.
Cables and accessories.
Pneumatic and hydraulic industrial pipes and hoses.
Chemical products in general.
Valves (Ball, Gate, Globe, Blade, Check, Solenoid, Butterfly, Sanitary, Safety).
Compressors and Pumps.
Bearings, seals, gears, connectors, gauges, belts.
Industrial Safety (working clothes, gloves, footwear (shoes and boots), harnesses, helmets).
Machinery, equipment, tools and automatic welding consumables.
Chains and Mechanical Components for Power Transmission.
Electrical Parts, Automation and Measurement, Instrumentation, Measurement and Control.
Industrial tyres.
Laboratory supplies and equipment.
Batteries of all groups and amperage ratings for equipment, machinery and vehicles, filters, backhoes, forklifts, lubricants, power plants, electronics.
Tapes, conveyor, conveyor belt guide, pulleys, roller guides, return, impact, self-cleaning, graphite, ceramic.
Thermocouples: erite, immersion, surface, diptic, environment, cables for thermocouples: Type K, Type J, Type S (mesh, fiberglass, PVC) .
Thermocouple wires: alumel, chromel.
Connectors: male and female.
Terminals: Type K, Type J, Type S.
Ceramic Insulators: Oval double bore and single bore.
Analog and Digital Controllers.
Industrial chalks.
Spare parts for mobile and stationary equipment.
Engines (electrical, hydraulic).
Screws (Zinc plated, Steel. 8.8. Bluing, rods, nuts, washers, wood screws).
Hand tools, among others.

(Iron, Steel, Aluminum and Mining)

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