Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We can commercialize large scale machinery as per your needs or processes, even if the brand requested is not in our brand portfolio, however it would be necessary to conduct a study of each particular case to choose the best and most secure way in order to reinforce our commercial relations and be able to supply on a short term, medium or long term basis.

Yes, INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS PAVULLO, INC. , Has the best engineers professional design for sustainable development of new products , which in addition to providing you guarantee the best and most efficient technical assistance for design, development, production and global marketing .

Yes, INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS PAVULLO, INC. , Provides warranty for its products by manufacturing defects , ie , originate in materials or workmanship defects.

Under normal use and service , the products have physical defects in materials and workmanship during the warranty period the product will be repaired or replaced as determined INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS PAVULLO, INC.

INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS PAVULLO, INC., provides limited warranty for its products only to the person or entity that purchased.

INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS PAVULLO, INC.,  It is not responsible for damage to products from misuse by users and / or weather conditions.

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